Introducing PNM-Pan Nordic Meat Ltd's new CEO

The following appointments and changes have been made in the organization as of June 1st, 2018:

Juha-Pekka Jussila has been appointed CEO to PNM – Pan Nordic Meat Ltd and Deputy CEO to PNM Holding Ltd. Juha-Pekka continues also as the CEO of Gourmet Gruppen Finland Ltd.

Gustaf Salmelin continues as the CEO and as the Chairman of the Board of PNM Holding.

For more information please contact:

PNM Holding LTD
Gustaf Salmelin
tel. +358 41 505 0000

PNM - Pan Nordic Meat LTD
Gourmet Gruppen Finland LTD
Juha-Pekka Jussila

tel. +358 50 550 1435